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... Falls reprocessing facility near Yellowstone National Park. Made by the irradiation of neptunium - 237 by a beam of neutrons, the process results in a considerable quanity of nuclear waste. The use of ...
Sunday, 26 June 2005
... The legacy of Alamogordo has infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives. Americans now use forks and knives made from recycled nuclear waste to eat irradiated food. There's nuclear medicine, ...
Monday, 20 June 2005
... the nuclear waste that our generation leaves behind!? Not for the disenfranchised groups of society who offer their land for deposit of nuclear waste because their poverty and misery give them no choice!? ...
Monday, 13 June 2005
Environmentalists Challenge Nuclear Waste PlanGreenpeace: Toronto, Tuesday May 24, 2005 -- Canadian environmental groups say that a draft recommendation released today by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization ...
Tuesday, 24 May 2005
... energy, and subsidies transferred to socially equitable and environmentally sound energy,9. The setting up of immediate programs on-site treatment of the existing nuclear waste, and the abandonment of ...
Wednesday, 04 May 2005
... for accidents such as Chernobyl, calamitous terrorist attacks and an environment strewn with radioactivity. Kristof is dead wrong in suggesting that burdening future generations with nuclear wastes ...
Thursday, 28 April 2005
Who's the enemy here?

(US/Peace News)
... firms have had similar success in blocking regulations limiting where they can go with dangerous cargoes.The nuclear industry is permitted to store incredibly toxic nuclear waste in virtually unguarded ...
Friday, 15 April 2005
... these traps and hopefully avoid them.  Managing Activism is written for PR practitioners whose clients engage in risky businesses (fossil fuels, pesticides, genetically engineered foods, nuclear waste, ...
Wednesday, 02 March 2005
...  The Bush administration is also requesting that the fees paid by nuclear power utility consumers into the Nuclear Waste Fund be reclassified as "offset collections." Reclassifying the fund is ...
Wednesday, 09 February 2005
Good News for the World Weary

(International/Justice News)
Good News for the World Weary I talked to Anthony Lappe, the Exec-Editor at Guerrilla News Network on the radio show last week. He's the son of Frances Moore Lappe, the author of the seventies ...
Sunday, 06 February 2005
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