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... growth within three critical areas approximately 29 kilometers long by 80 meters wide (the Trappers Lake, Sucker Lake, and Peace Moberly Tract Critical Areas)," the news release said. "The clearcutting ...
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
... when the company clearcut to the edge of the scenic Stewart-Cassiar Highway, instead of leaving a buffer zone of trees as shown in the original plans. Cutting trees adjacent to the highway is allowed ...
Tuesday, 01 September 2015
** Photo of an FSC certified clearcut logging of old-growth Canadian boreal forests for toilet paper TAKE ACTION to protect old-growth forests and Earth's climate and biosphere:FOREST ...
Thursday, 11 September 2014
by Judith Lavoie / Times Colonist March 22, 2013 http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/group-angry-over-old-growth-clearcut-in-walbran-valley-1.96796 Torrance ...
Saturday, 23 March 2013
...  The Hump, near Port Alberni.   The forested drive to Port Alberni and the west coast of Vancouver Island will soon include a close-up view of a clearcut. ...
Friday, 18 January 2013
... ago, said the group's country director, Andreas Stefansson. "I can't recall when we have had a clearcut occupation of a clinic for several days. We'd have to go back to the 1990s where ...
Tuesday, 11 December 2012
Boreal Forest Conflicts Far From Over

(International/Earth News)
... clearcuts which are permittedto flatten an area equivalent to 1,400 football fields each day in ourprovince,” said Amber Ellis, Earthroots Executive Director, in a pressrelease. "Unless we are to believe ...
Wednesday, 19 May 2010
... for a tar sands industry that continues to destroy theriver systems, does not stop mining in the largest mines ever built, doesnot stop clearcutting the Boreal Forest at a rate that only has one or twoareas ...
Thursday, 25 February 2010
... An adjacent 383 hectares of Provincial Crown Land is currently leased to Malaspina University-College as a teaching woodlot which protects it against clearcutting. Discussions are underway with Island ...
Wednesday, 06 February 2008
Plantskyyd: Pigs Blood on the Plantations

(International/Justice News)
... ungulates, blinking in the clearcut glare, can often be seen following the planters all day, walking, and then bowing down their heads every 3 metres or so to eat the little trees. At Haida Gwaii, in spite ...
Wednesday, 28 March 2007
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