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The Democrats dilemma

(International/Justice News)
... Iraq * targeted and assisted in the assassination of leaders of other sovereign states, and condoned the targeting and assassinating of leaders by other states * undermined Common ...
Wednesday, 04 August 2004
Scott Ritter on the ongoing war in Iraq

(International/Justice News)
... devices and using them to carry out assassinations. In the months prior to the U.S.-led invasion, he was ordered to blend his agents back into the Iraqi population so as to avoid detection by any occupying ...
Thursday, 08 July 2004
... like the time he forged a letter from the National Security Council saying that the NSC had authorised the assassination of Saddam Hussein and left it o­n his desk for the Iranians to find." Meanwhile, ...
Tuesday, 25 May 2004
Is Iraq another Chechnya?

(International/Justice News)
With attention fixed o­n the Iraqi prison debacle, it would be easy to ignore the terrorist assassination last Sunday of the leader of war-torn Chechnya. But there are lessons in what happened in that ...
Thursday, 13 May 2004
Haiti: US Sponsored Coup d'Etat

(International/Justice News)
... et le progr?s d'Haiti (FRAPH), the  "plain clothes" death squadrons, involved in mass killings of civilians and political assassinations during the CIA sponsored 1991 military coup, which led ...
Monday, 01 March 2004
... and make people think. Friday, Feb. 13th- Activist Video Night honours Black History Month by showing Martin Luther King Jr., documents the life, times and assassination (by the FBI?) of a hero of Black ...
Monday, 09 February 2004
Looking Back On 2003

(International/Justice News)
... States move toward deployment of missile defenses and pressure other states to join in this program. We witnessed assassination attempts o­n Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf. The death of Musharraf ...
Friday, 09 January 2004
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