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How can America get out of Iraq? (part2)

(International/Justice News)
... assurances from the US about security and without some control over the conduct of US military strategy. Likewise, it is not realistic to expect countries such as Egypt, France, Germany, Russia, India ...
Thursday, 13 May 2004
Is Iraq another Chechnya?

(International/Justice News)
... mountainous corner of the Russian Caucasus for America's attempt to find a way out of the deserts of Iraq.   THE LESSONS OF CHECHNYA: U.S. APPEARS TO BE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES AS RUSSIA By Daniel ...
Thursday, 13 May 2004
...  The mission was to simulate dropping an H-bomb on a city in the Soviet Union and to evade Air Force fighters sent up to simulate Russian interceptors. Over Reston, Va., which was unknowingly ...
Wednesday, 05 May 2004
... insist possible conflicts in the coming decades won't be so easy, as new Russian and European fighter planes equal in capability to the F-15 are sold around the world. Congress capped the total cost ...
Saturday, 01 May 2004
... the Marines -- say there might not have been such a ''target rich" battlefield for such shooters since the World War II battle for Stalingrad, during which German and Russian snipers dueled for months. ...
Monday, 19 April 2004
Mel Hurtig endorses Layton and NDP

(International/Justice News)
... nuclear confrontation between Russia or China and the United States," said Hurtig, who today is an Edmonton-based author. "Canada's decision o­n missile 'defence' is pivotal, o­ne that ...
Thursday, 08 April 2004
... Russian and American warships at the end of the war, but shell and bomb casings have corroded in the past 58 years to the point where spillages are a regular event.http://news.scotsman.com/international.cfm?id=382942004 ...
Monday, 05 April 2004
AP: Russia boasts new weapons

(International/Justice News)
Russia has designed a ?revolutionary? weapon that would make the prospective U.S. missile defence useless, Russian news agencies reported yesterday. A Defence Ministry official, who was not identified ...
Tuesday, 30 March 2004
Astonishing, Canada may host US missiles

(International/Justice News)
... needed to protect North America against an accidental launch of a Russian ballistic missile or a missile attack from North Korea. Critics say this is an expensive way to defend against these remote possibilities. ...
Thursday, 11 March 2004
Canada may host US missiles

(International/Justice News)
... country to improve the protection of theU.S. homeland "as well as for our allies and friends." Washington says the system is needed to protect North America against anaccidental launch of a Russian ballistic ...
Monday, 23 February 2004
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