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World Food Prize goes to 3 representatives of rogue technologies PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Posted by Joan Russow
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 06:48
FILE - This combination of undated file photos provided by The World Food Prize Foundation shows, from left: Robert T. Fraley and Mary-Dell Chilton of the United States, and Marc Van Montagu of Belgium who were named Wednesday, June 19, 2013, as winners of the 2013 World Food Prize during a ceremony in Washington. The World Food Prize Foundation is confronting head-on opposition to the widespread use of biotechnology and the corporations that create and promote genetically modified crops by awarding this year’s prize to three biotech pioneers. Two recipients hold prominent positions at biotechnology firms _ Mary-Dell Chilton, founder and researcher at Syngenta Biotechnology and Robert Fraley, chief technology officer at Monsanto. The third award recipient is Marc Van Montagu, founder and chairman of the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach at Ghent University in Belgium. They receive their award Thursday in a ceremony at the Iowa Capitol.

Biotech industry funding

The private, nonprofit World Food Prize Foundation has received significant funding from major biotechnology companies, and had ties to DuPont, Cargill, Monsanto, and Syngenta. Unfortunately because it is awarded on World food day on October 16, many may  think that this prize is a legitimate prize linked to  the legitimate WorldFood Day.  It has even been represented as the Nobel Laureate of agriculture. 


CONCURRING THAT We are living in a wake of corporate/government/university/ negligence from previous harmful substances that were once deemed safe for human health and the environment. Given the unattended consequences of genetically engineered foods and crops, and the global commitment to the precautionary principle, it becomes imperative to institute a complete ban on genetically engineered foods and crops. The precautionary principle reads; Where there is a threat to loss of biodiversity or irreversible harm to the environment the lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason to postpone measures to prevent the threat. (Rio Declaration, and Convention on Biological Diversity, UNCED, 1992)

There is sufficient emerging scientific evidence to justify the banning to prohibit all further production and export of genetically engineered foods and crops.

AWARE THAT in 1999, Vandana Shiva organized the Biodevastation II Conference in Delhi Where the following Global Declaration was endorsed by all but one of the participants;

Biodevastastion II Global Ban Declaration
(i) A global ban on genetically engineered foods and crops;
(ii) A global ban on the patenting of life forms;
(iii) An end to the exploitation of the knowledge of farmers, peasants and indigenous peoples;
(iv) A global support program for promoting organic agriculture and other forms of ecological farming, and for instituting a fair and just transition program for affected farmers and communities.
The following signatories support the Biodevastation II Global Ban Declaration

And urge the UN General |Assembly to invoke article 22 and set up an international Tribunal to investigate allegations made against Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Pioneer HiBred, Calgene, Ciba-Geigy, Asgrow, Zeneca, Aquabounty, symbio * and revoke their charters
Name address signature

* canola (Calgene);Bacillus thuringirnsis (Bt) corn/maize (Ciba-Geigy); cotton resistant to the herbicide bromoxynil (Calgene); Flavr Savr™ tomato (Calgene); BtCotton (Monsanto), soybeans resistant to the herbicide gltphosate (Monsanto); virus-resistant squash (Asgrow); additional delayed ripening tomatoes (DNAP, Zeneca and Monsanto); Alfalfa (Monsanto); transgenic Salmon ([Aquabounty); GE vanilla (Symbio) , sunflower oil, rape seed oil suger beet ,PMI used in maize, rice, cassava, wheat, barley, sugar beet, watermelon, tomato, squash, cabbage, sunflower and oilseed rape., neonicotinoid, (Syngenta); the world’s largest seed company corn [affectedmonarch butterfies] (Pioneer HiBred); Seminis – sweet corn (Monsanto); Bovine Growth Hormone (Monsanto, American Cyanamid, Eli Lilly UpJohn).


Arpad Pusztai and the Risks of Genetic Engineering

Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End

Why Glyphosate Should Be Banned
http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Why_Glyphosate_Should_be_Banned.php 2012

New Study Proves Bt Toxins in GMOs toxic to Mammalian Blood

Longest-Running GMO Safety Study Finds Tumors in Rats

   Joan Russow is the coordinator of the Global Compliance Research Project (GCRP), a project of the Ecological Rights Association, which was co-founded in 1991 by Joan Russow and David White.


The GCRP was founded in 1995 by Joan Russow, who wrote the "Charter of Obligations” - a 350 page compilation of strong statements reflecting obligations incurred through the Charter of the United Nations, expectations created through General Assembly Resolutions, and Declarations, and commitments made through Conference Action Plans.    These Obligation, Expectations, and Commitments were related to; 


 • to achieve a state of peace, and disarmament; through reallocation of military expenses

• to create a global structure that respects the rule of law and the International Court of Justice;

• to enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment, and ensure the right to development and social justice;

•  to promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights,  civil and political rights, social and cultural rights- right to food, right to housing, right to safe drinking water and sewage,  right to education  and right to universally accessible not for profit health care system ,

•  to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment, the respect for the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose, the reduction of the ecological footprint e move away from the current model of unsustainable and overconsumptive 

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