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Planning Priorities - Victoria BC Canada PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Thursday, 27 May 2010 03:41

Sue Hiscocks - Victoria  - May 26, 2010 - The real key to successful planning is setting priorities.  I believe that a sustainable future for Victoria must include the following priorities:

1 - Green sewage solutions
2 - Regional light rapid transit
3 - Low impact community networks that include cycle paths, walking trails
4 - Distributed clean alternative energy networks that encourage the use of homeowner generated wind and solar power
5 - More low tech environmentally friendly methods of recycling and composting
6 - What we really need is a regional authority that can enable the integration of solutions beyond city limits
Something like the CRD should be a political body that makes decisions on plans that are of a regional interest (i.e.; light rapid transit).  Perhaps this could be accomplished by having a representative from each community sitting on the regional body.
7 - One of the biggest things that needs to happen is to have a change in local zoning that will allow the solutions to proceed. This is a critical event that costs no money but is necessary for change to proceed.
8 - Incentives and budget should focus on the above priorities.
9 - Community priorities should trump business interests.
10 - Finally, low cost housing and guaranteed pensions for low income earners.



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