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Fake News and the Great Wall PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Dragonslayer
Thursday, 26 January 2017 00:33

Lets build a wall.  Just think of all the free advertising space.  We can advertise drugs on the wall on one side and autos on the other side.  Wonder which side to put the drug ads on?  

Maybe a booking.com ad beside a Trump Towers ad beside a drug ad.  How about making the wall wide enough to support a high speed train or super highway.  It could have on and off ramps in and out of the US and Mexico.

 Before we build the wall we should install lots of culverts under ground so we can drain that swamp that Trump is sitting on.  I hear that Trump has his people in negotiations with Egypt to buy the pyrimid stones to help build the wall.  

Apparently there is a problem with getting enough sand for the concrete.  They are running out of beaches to get the sand from and have been looking at sand from Trump's favorite resorts as the last resort.  Maybe Trump thinks that the way he can get Mexico to pay for the wall is to steal their beaches?  I also hear he wants a wall along the Canadian border as well to stop US citizens from fleeing to Canada.

I am seriously thinking of going into the parachute, catapult and hang glider business.  Imagine people catapulting over the wall with hang gliders and parachutes.  Gee maybe some cannons for shooting drugs over the wall or drones for air drops.

With a little bit of forthought they could have Trump coffee shops, pubs, resorts, shopping malls, etc embedded in the wall.  Maybe some airports along the way would help making it the insanity tourist destination for that 1% of the most evil people on the planet....like Trump and his new found love Asad

I am sure poor hard done by Donald won't like this .... but that is the whole point...let him chase smoke until the guys in white coats come and take him away.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 January 2017 01:22

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